Wedding Games!

Wait a minute, could it be, is that Spring I see bounding around the corner? The first tentative bulbs brightening in the sun, temperatures above freezing, washing on the line…I think we might be here!

The wedding season is beginning to pick up pace and we were extremely happy and honoured to have met some wonderful couples and hear about their wedding plans so far, witnessing the beginning of the magic is a special moment indeed! 

K&Q Vintage Crockery supplies an extensive collection of beautiful and unique, high quality vintage china and accessories, whether it be for a quintessential Summer Fete wedding with reams of bunting or the timeless beauty of an Afternoon Tea setting, we aim to create an elegant and sophisticated vintage atmosphere for your wedding. 

A particular favourite in the run up to the spring and summer seasons are our Games! These provide a wonderful opportunity for play and fun during the day, or days events. Such as croquet, synonymous with any vintage theme, a sack race or two, which brings out the child in anyone and of course tug of war which encourages even the least competitive and is guaranteed to raise a smile! 

Whether you may be at the start of the journey, or possibly closer to it’s fruition, we would love to speak to you further about your ideas for your event. There is also one place left for a lucky couple to redeem the 25% off your first order with us when coming through The Most Curious Wedding Fair! Now’s your chance to grab it!

Image ImageImageImage

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The last few weeks have been full of excitement and expectation! While on one hand it has been an up-hill-struggle against every possible bug that’s been doing the rounds, the silver lining has come from my sofa, where I have been delving into internet pages and discovering reams of new colour, themes and design as inspiration, in the run up to A Most Curious Wedding Fair on the 23rd March 2013 at St Andrews Hall in Norwich.

The promise of spring is tantalizingly close and with it there is a need to reveal the new, to find a fresh outlook and make a brave step forward. Perhaps compelled by the urge to leave the house, not to mention the sign of renewed snow flurries, but the compulsion nonetheless is a strong one!

The popularity of the ‘Vintage Movement’ or ‘craze’ depending on your side of the fence, has been astounding. Whether you prefer the quintessential lure of hazy summer days, fine bone china tea sets and pristine white embroidered tablecloths or funky bespoke designer wedding dresses and accessories, there is literally something for everyone. It’s an inspiring and innovative time to be involved with such a ‘Movement’.

I was therefore, particularly happy when I started to notice a new trend among these archives and images of beautifully made up weddings and occasions, and it has become my light at the end of the tunnel! There seems to be a recent shift toward cleaner lines, contrasting shades and splashes of fresh, bright and luscious colour, and it is calling itself ‘Modern Vintage’, and is perfect for the new spring and summer season.

Below are just some of the images portraying these trends, I have certainly allowed myself some escapism, maybe you will too! As a way to celebrate spring and the need for fresh, beautiful and inspired colours, we will be offering the first three Curious Brides at A Most Curious Wedding Fair 25% off their order! Please do come and see us at the Fair to claim your prize!

Happy Spring Solstice!

mason_floral_arrangements vintage_wedding_decorations Gold-and-teal-modern-wedding-Meghan-and-Greg-21 tent-wedding-28

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A Most Curious Wedding Fair – Norwich 23rd March 2013

A Most Curious Wedding Fair - Norwich 23rd March 2013

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at A Most Curious Wedding Fair on 23rd March! Thank you for including us, we can’t wait! ♥

Come and join us and see for yourself the most curious up and coming designers in the wedding world!

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Very Vintage Biscuits!

Very Vintage Biscuits!

Came across these today from the Queen of Hearts Cookie Company (, and decided they would go beautifully with one of our tea sets, especially for Valentines!

While they look too good to eat, I don’t think that would stop me!

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Roses for Valentines

Here at K&Q Vintage, we of course love crockery, we also love beautiful hand made decorations! In fact it is one of our favourite pastimes!

In the run up to Valentine’s Day there are some lovely things you can make to make the day that little bit more unique, below is a prime example!

I will certainly will be attempting these roses!


book flowers1

What will you be making?

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K&Q Vintage Crockery Hire supplies an extensive collection of beautiful and unique, high quality vintage china and accessories for weddings, naming ceremonies, corporate events, funerals, parties, productions and photo shoots. We aim to create an elegant and sophisticated vintage atmosphere combined with a bespoke design service for your special occasion.

We take great care and attention when collecting and assembling the pieces, keeping in mind their timeless elegance and the importance of historical continuity. We have an eye for creativity and detail, and a love of all things beautiful and vintage, please see our Gallery for inspiration!

So if you too, have a love for timeless beauty and creating a memorable and awe inspiring event, whatever it may be, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements further.

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